Ann-Marie Wilkinson BSC Hons / HCPC Registered / M.Ch.S

Ann-Marie is registered as a Podiatrist with the Health Care Professional Council, a government led organisation which regulates the Allied Health Professions. To find out more about the HCPC and the professional standards that are required for compliance, www.hcpc-uk.org.

What is a Podiatrist?

They are professional individuals who have trained and specialise in the treatment of foot conditions and associated biomechanical dysfunction.

Are all Podiatrists the same?

Look for the letters S.R.Ch. M.Ch.S. or BSc Hons. following your Podiatrist’s name. Only State Registered Chiropodists/Podiatrists may work within the N.H.S. and have undertaken and passed a 3/4 year degree level course at a recognised university. Any other qualification has probably been undertaken by correspondence or part time attendance. You naturally assume your dentist and doctor are qualified, why not your Podiatrist?!


Many people are aware that diabetes affects the feet and Chiropodists and Podiatrists are often asked: “How?”. Diabetes mainly affects the foot because of two factors which combine to place diabetics at risk of developing a range of foot problems, some of which are extremely severe. These factors are neuropathy and poor circulation.


Foot Care Treatments – £25.00

Nail Care – Corns – Callous – Cracked Heels – Verucca – In-growing toe nail – Annual diabetic check with full report sent to yout GP

Home visits

For disabled and house bound clients – £30 per visit
(call: 07917 523810)


Hard skin & corn removal, followed by a luxury mini
pedicure, foot spa, foot massage and nails painted – £40.00

Foot Heaven Pamper

Medi-Pedi followed by a mini reflexology treatment – £65.00