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Aesthetics practitioners

Hi we are Danielle and Caroline. Between us we have 40 years’ experience combined in nursing and currently work as specialist nurses. Separate to this we run a clinic here offering aesthetic treatments including Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers.

An ethical approach to Aesthetics

Being qualified practitioners is paramount to patient safety and we love nothing more than seeing the positive impact Botox and dermal filler treatment has for people’s confidence and psychological wellbeing. Our approach is friendly and relaxed whilst maintaining the highest level of care and after care. 

We work ethically and will always use our clinical judgement to assess which areas are recommended and different treatment options for you. We pride ourselves on having a broad knowledge base and will always use our honest, clinical opinion to underpin our practice. Our aim is to support clients to achieve a natural beautiful look, enhancing their individual features. This is to ensure that they look and feel, refreshed, confident and the absolute best version of themselves.



With our experience we have found that aesthetics is a way to empower and make people feel confident. We love helping people of all ages and our clients always return.  

We have extensive understanding of facial anatomy and the ageing process, and our friendly non-critical manner ensures that each client feels relaxed, comfortable and confident in the consultation process and in their bespoke treatment plan.

Aesthetics is a forever expanding all over the world and we are fully prepared for this becoming regulated. This means only registered doctors, dentists and nurses will be able to practice ensuring high standards and quality products being used are monitored by law which ensures safe effective practice. 


Different areas we can treat

Horizontal lines are the lines we develop through facial expression across the middle and upper brow. These can often make you look old and less youthful. Treatment with anti-wrinkle medication improves the lines giving a more youthful appearance. 

Frown lines:  
The Vertical lines / creases between your eyebrows which are often referred to as frown lines as they are more prominent when you frown. Relaxing these lines with anti-wrinkle injections can smooth out these lines and elevate the eyebrows. This helps create a refreshed, radiant, youthful appearance. 

Commonly called crow’s feet. As skin around our eyes is thin it is easy for wrinkles to form and make you appear older than you are. Treating these lines with anti-wrinkle injections is highly effective. It helps smooth them as well as preventing further lines from developing helping create a more youthful appearance and also reduce the fatigued look. 

Sometimes referred to as bunny lines. These appear when the nose wrinkles up and are usually more visible when we sniff or smell something. Anti-wrinkle injections help smooth out these lines and reduce the appearance. 

Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out uneven bumps / hump on your nose and help make the nose appear straighter.  

Nasolabial fold treatment:
folds can be corrected through injections of dermal filler into the surrounding area, restoring the lost volume and softening the appearance of deep lines this achieves a much more youthful appearance. 

Marionette lines:
Marionette lines or sometimes referred as the sad smile are defined as the lines that run from the corner of the mouth to the chin and have several causes. The main being the ageing process, which results in the reduction of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. The loss of the above naturally found human body proteins, causes the sagging of cheeks, creating marionette lines. Dermal filler is a good option for treatment. 

Lip fillers are an easy way to give you extra volume and definition to your lips. Lines found on the top and sometimes the bottom lip, can be treated with either anti-wrinkle treatment or filler to improve their appearance.  

Dimpling or bobbly appearance of the chin can make you feel self-conscious. Muscle relaxant injections here can give a smooth flawless look. A crease at the top of the chin and/or deep horizontal line across the middle can be improved with injection of dermal filler as well as chin dimple. 


Aesthetics Treatment Pricing

Prices for botox: 
One area: £85
Two areas: £155
Three areas: £210
Smaller areas: £45 

Prices for dermal filler: From £130