Nail Treatments

Nail Order Soft Gel Full Cover Extensions are the latest system to enhance and lengthen the natural nail.  Perfect for special occasions, holidays and also long term wear.  Includes gel polish.

Full Set – £35
Infills (one time only) – £27

Entity Enhancements are one of the finest professional systems of acrylic that create the most beautiful and durable results.  Perfect for long-term extension wear.  Includes gel polish.

Entity Full Set Acrylic Nails – £39.00
Rebalance / Infills – £27.00

Gel polish is applied after nails and cuticles are perfectly prepared using the best professional products from Nail Order, Halo and Progel.

Gel Polish Manicure – £27
Gel Toes – £25
Book gel nails and toes in one appointment – £50
Gel Toes with Creative Foil – £27

Sanctuary House Manicure £23

Little Lady Manicure (under 16yrs) £15

Nail Art
Simple design + £2.50
Detailed design + £5
Complex design + £10