“Julia is amazing. I’m a scientist at heart and truly believe reflexology is a science we don’t fully understand yet (mainly due to a lack of funding in this area of research). Julia was recommended by a friend, who fell pregnant with Julia’s help (Julia was recommended to her by a friend who fell pregnant after seeing Julia!). So, after a year of struggling, my friend and I went to see Julia and very shortly afterwards, we both fell pregnant. I have since referred friends (all very different stories), all have become pregnant. I have seen Julia at 39 weeks also and my digestive problems have improved remarkably. If I didn’t fall pregnant, I would have benefited hugely from Julia’s help still. Her reflexology produces such a feeling of well being, calmness and clarity. Reflexology will, one day,  be prescribed by doctors. I hope to continue to see Julia, she is magic!” – Kamal, Newcastle.

“I thought that I would conceive baby number two as quickly as my first but after nearly a year of trying I was feeling disheartened. As a doctor myself, I knew that statistically it was likely to happen given more time, but in the mean time I decided to try alternative, non intrusive options (and ones that would relax me in the process!) I had one treatment of reflexology at Sanctuary House after the recommendation from my friend. It was a very relaxing, enjoyable hour and I felt wonderful afterwards. 2 weeks after this treatment I also fell pregnant! What I liked about Julia is that nothing felt ‘over the top’, no promises were made and no pressure was put on me in any way. I felt like she genuinely wanted me to relax and she had such a gentle and kind manner. I would recommend reflexology to anyone!” – Lucy, Durham

“What a fab place to relax and get pampered!” – Gill

“It’s a pleasure to escape to your sanctuary whenever possible.” – Jen

“Respect and warmth exudes from each and every one of you, I feel it a privilege to be part of your clientele.” – Val

“My little peace of heaven!” – Sandi

“It has been my sanctuary for 17 years!” – Doreen

“An oasis in North Shields. Relaxing, great people, perfect atmosphere!” – Stuart

“I feel relaxed as soon as I come through the door, I could sit in the waiting area all day – it’s beautiful.” – Eve

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have done for me and making my wedding a special day.” – Kerrie

“Thank you will never be enough! Leigh, your wonderful and your advice is second to none, where would I be without you?!” – Elaine

“I so look forward to my treatments, your are a lovely bunch, kind and most of all genuine…” – Jeanette

“Never was a place so aptly named…” – Glynis

“I love coming in and always feel totally beautified and chilled out…” – Louise

“Everytime I enter the doors, peace and tranquillity envelopes me as I sit down…” – Mel

“You have created a real sanctuary where it is lovely to come and relax and forget about the stresses of life…” – Lynne