All Holistic Treatments

At Sanctuary House we have merged ancient health wisdom and new techniques from all over the world to ensure our holistic therapies are the very best available. Our philosophy is holistic, with a respectful return to traditional healing. Designed with care and integrity, our treatments will nurture you and help support your well-being. Whether you simply need some quiet time out of your busy day or to give relief to a specific health condition, be cocooned in warm towels for the treatment of your choice.


Pure Relaxation – Top to Toe Body Treatment (includes face & scalp)
Oriental herbal full body polish followed by a full body massage with warmed balm – £80.00

Sanctuary House Signature Massage Treatment (includes face & head)
A bespoke treatment using warmed oils & a variety of massage techniques suited to your needs – £55.00

‘The Ultimate’ Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
A back massage which lasts as long as a full body massage treatment! Using a fusion of massage techniques, hot stones & essential oils – £48.00

Warm Moroccan Oil Full Body Massage (includes face & head)
Pure Argan oil, renowned for health benefits, is warmed and applied in this moisture-rich treatment – £57.00

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (includes face & head)
Prescribed pure essential & carrier oils are applied in this relaxing and nurturing massage – £55.00

Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – £32.00

Swedish/Deeper Tissue Full Body Massage
An invigorating treatment using deeper Swedish techniques – £57.00

Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – (30 minute appointment) £35.00

Hot Stone Full Body Massage (includes face & head)
Warmed, smooth stones are used during the massage to release knots and relieve aches and pains – £57.00

Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – £34.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Massage Treatment
Excellent aid to detox and reduction of fluid retention. May boost weight loss – £57.00

Indian Head Massage
Focuses on easing tension in the upper body. Invigorating and can help clear the head – £34.00

Pregnancy Massage (includes face & head)
A special treatment. Pure jojoba and tangerine oils are applied gently to the most troublesome areas during pregnancy. Both mum-to-be and baby will benefit from this bonding massage – £57.00

Pregnancy Seated Upper Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – £35.00

Soothing Leg & Foot Massage (suitable during pregnancy)
This relaxing treatment will invigorate tired legs & feet whilst helping to improve circulation – £35.00

Post-Natal Massage (includes face & head)
A specialised treatment to re-energise. Includes reflexology techniques to de-stress and rebalance – £57.00

Cellulite Massage
A deep tissue massage which can eliminate the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Please note that this treatment can be painful but delivers instant results which last a day or so, great for a special occasion. Single Treatment – £35.00
Recommended Course of 10 Treatments – reduced block booking cost of £330.00

Oriental Herbal Hot Compress Massage (includes face)
Muslin compresses containing healing herbs and spices are gently warmed and used in this wonderfully relaxing full body treatment – £45.00

Oriental Herbal Full Body Polish
Pure Himalayan salts & exotic oils, freshly blended to leave your skin beautifully smooth & glowing – £45.00
Add a nourishing application of warm oil for £15.00 more

Clinical Reflexology
Precise pressure is applied to the feet. Helps the body get into balance & facilitate self-healing – £45.00

Fertility/Maternity Reflexology
Our therapist has specific training and many years of experience treating clients safely and effectively to help aid conception and support, strengthen and prepare the body during pregnancy – £50.00

Bespoke Treatments, Body Wraps, Toning & Spa Treatments, Seasonal Offers – please ask for details

Ear Candling
A wonderfully relaxing treatment that can help clear the head, ears and sinuses.
Ear candling with light facial massage – (30 minute appointment) £35.00
Ear candling with cleanse and cold stone facial massage – (1 hour appointment) £50.00

A relaxing therapy where the therapist uses ‘hands-on’ healing energy. Clients remain fully clothed & wrapped in warm blankets – £40.00
Add Crystal Healing Therapy to your Reiki treatment – £20.00

Home-care – our therapist can blend an aromatherapy or herbal product to support your home-care use. Purest essential & carrier oils, aloe vera & bee products & supplements are also available for purchase.

Please also see the Pampers page for our exquisite range of pampering treatments. For more advice or information, please email us or telephone 0191 257 7774