Healing Treatment Prices

Quit Smoking – £120

Smoking is not only damaging your health it seriously affects your pocket too! On average you could be burning money to the tune of £300 per month, that’s a lot of money going up in smoke! Just think what you could treat yourself or your family to when you stop smoking. You will receive a free half hour consultation and two full sessions with Carlene which will include hypnotherapy, coaching, lifestyle questionnaire, techniques to stop cravings and increase wellbeing and a bespoke hypnotherapy cd/download.


Weight Loss Programme – £140 (Special Offer: 10% off – Quote W100)

Losing weight and keeping it off is down to addressing the root cause. If you don’t identify what the root cause is then you will end up piling the weight back on again. That is why the weight loss industry is worth billions! The programme includes a free half hour consultation, two full sessions with Carlene which will include hypnotherapy, coaching, lifestyle questionnaire, bespoke weight loss plan, craving, confidence and motivation techniques together with a free bespoke hypnotherapy cd/download.


Cancer Support – £100

Cancer sadly affects 1 – 2 people in their lifetime, these are very scary statistics and Carlene knows personally what a devastating affect this has on the patient and their loved ones. Carlene wants to help as many people as possible who are being treated for cancer or fear getting cancer. She will also help people who are supporting their loved ones going through this terrible disease. Carlene will sit down with you for a free consultation and discuss what your main fears and issues are.  Based on this you will have two full sessions which will include hypnotherapy, energy healing and positive mindset techniques, you will also learn easy techniques to help you with fear and panic.  You will receive a list of helpful websites and books that can help you to get through this journey.  A bespoke hypnotherapy cd/download which will keep you feeling more positive, calm and relaxed. Carlene will also provide a free relaxation cd/download for carers.


De-Stress Therapy – £65 – £120

Stress affects all age groups from teenagers to adults. It also costs the NHS billions each year and can have a catastrophic effect both mentally and physically. Yet there are very effective ways to reduce stress without pills. Hypnotherapy, energy techniques and coaching have proven to be excellent at helping people de-stress and feel better in themselves. The programme will include a free half hour consultation, a lifestyle questionnaire one or two sessions this will depend on the outcome of your lifestyle questionnaire and consultation. Hypnotherapy, energy healing, relaxation and positive mindset techniques will probably be the most appropriate mix of therapies. However, before you go ahead Carlene will discuss this with you at your free consultation. A free bespoke cd/download will also be included.


Hypnotherapy & Coaching – £65 – £120

Carlene can provide individual sessions for issues highlighted on the “About Treatments Page

A 1-hour session with Carlene is £65.00 and £50.00 for follow up sessions if necessary. A free consultation and lifestyle questionnaire are included and a bespoke hypnotherapy cd/download.


Energy Healing Therapies £65 – £120

Energy healing sessions can be used for a lot of issues, some very simple to address others more complex. Included is a free half hour consultation with Carlene to discuss what you would like from the session/s. It may be you want  a general relaxing session/s or there may be specific issues you would like help with, such as reducing stress, anger, physical pain, panic, whatever the issue Carlene will advise what energy techniques would be best for you. At your session you will experience the techniques and be shown how to use these at home. You will be given a copy of the specific technique/s to take home with you. Energy healing techniques are easy to learn and are very effective.


Corporate Groups – Price Will Depend on Company Requirements

Carlene can provide a range of therapies to support small groups or individuals based on the needs of the company. One of the biggest areas that companies are faced with today is sickness caused by stress, this is costing industry billions of pounds each year in the UK. Looking after and valuing your staff can make a huge difference to staff morale, reduce sickness levels and increase productivity. Carlene is happy to come along and talk to companies about how she can help.